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Corporate Video Portfolio

Xerox Capabilities Video: Xerox Capabilities appeared on Xerox's homepage raising awareness of the breadth and depth of it's offerings.

Reveal Video: Utilizing historical brand images, this video revealed Xerox's new logo to all employees.

Product Launch Video: Helped launch Xerox's "Color for the Price of Black and White" Campaign.

visit site: Xerox

branding & product launch videos

Xerox Capabilities* 2:51 min
Reveal Video* 2:50 min
Launch Video* 4:44 min
* Creative consultations and post
production for W Productions.

OSI Pharmaceuticals
description: Without promotion, received over 45,000 hits on TBC's website.  Instrumental in doubling SmartTrac sales which required the opening of a new factory.
visit site: TBC Consoles
testimonial: A Letter from the president of TBC Consoles

video presentation

SmartTrac Editing desk 4:35 min
"I’m convinced that your work on this is the core reason that our sales of this product have more than doubled over the past year. Great job!"
- Jerry Hahn, President, TBC Consoles

OSI Pharmaceuticals
description: Created to highlight OSI's policy of hiring graduates from the Abilities school.
visit site: OSI Pharmaceuticals Foundation

program awareness videos

Changing Lives 4:01 min

Duro Dyne
description: Trade show video which showcases the breadth and depth of Dura Dynes product line. It has saved the company thousands of dollars by not needing to ship large equipment around the country.
visit site: Duro Dyne

trade show videos

Product Video 5:40 min

Polar - Listen to your body
description: Interactive CD-Rom used to help open the educational market for Polar's heart rate monitors.
visit site: Polar USA
testimonial: A Letter from Polar USA

education & sales videos

Listen to Your Body 5:52 min
“…resulted in several million dollars in orders”
– Gina Pilnacek

Bank of America Bank of America
description: We created both team building and motivational videos for internal audiences.
visit site: Bank of America Citibank

motivational videos

These videos were utilized for internal audiences and are not available to be seen on our website.

To see samples of similar videos or for more information, please contact us.